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Group Dentistry Now Show: The Voice of the DSO Industry

Jan 28, 2023

Lynda Ricketson, President & CEO of Dental Lifeline Network and Dr. Mark Vitale, President of the NJ Chapter of Dental Lifeline Network discuss:

  • The Mission of Dental Lifeline Network
  • How DSOs can leverage DLN in their practices' communities
  • Why DLN makes it easy to for your providers to volunteer
  • How volunteerism...

Jan 17, 2023

Dr. Scott Sayre, Founder of Advance Dentistry, Vesper Alliance and Vesper Institute discusses:

  • Dental IV Sedation & anesthesia driven dentistry
  • The Vesper Institute 
  • The Vesper Alliance 
  • Shared goals for the profession of dentistry
  • Much more 

Education - To find out about the Vesper Institute visit -

Jan 10, 2023

On this episode of the Group Dentistry Now Show Phil Toh, Co-founder & CEO of The Smilist discusses:

  • How he got into dental
  • What prompted him to start The Smilist
  • What was it like starting a DSO
  • Buy or Build
  • Key lessons learned
  • Using technology to run a better business
  • What makes The Smilist special?
  • 5 years from now....

Jan 3, 2023

Sheri Jolly, CEO of DSE Practice Solutions and Dr. Barry Quinn, Owner of Comfort Dental Braces located in Ohio and Missouri join the Group Dentistry Now Show.

Sheri and Dr. Quinn discuss:

  • How did DSE Practice Solutions start?
  • Human resource outsourcing
  • Revenue cycle managment
  • Using a call center
  • Why Dr. Quinn chose to...